How to Succeed in Online College Courses


One of the reasons people take online college courses is to have more time to spend on other things. Not having to travel to class frees up time to study. But online college is a little different than traditional university, and the same methods don’t necessarily work.


Here are a few tips to help you succeed.



Nothing cuts into Americans’ time like TV. The average person watches 20 hours of TV per week. Even if you cut that in half, you get 10 additional hours to study. Focus on the shows you like the most, but don’t sacrifice your future for TV.


Start Slow

Just because you can handle 12 credits in person, doesn’t mean you can online. Start slow with one or two classes. This will help get the hang of it and let you decide how many credit hours you can really handle. Trying to do much at once will just hurt your GPA and waste money.


Write Down Your Goals

It sounds silly, but write down the reasons why you are going to school. This way, when you hit troubles you can stay motivated.

Have a Study Space

In order to succeed with online classes, it is vital to have a private study space. This needs to be a place away from distractions, like dogs and children. Make sure everyone knows that this area is private and not to intrude.

Make a Study Plan

Create a calendar for studying. Plan out several hours each day or week, and then stick to that schedule. Never skip a study session. Even if you don’t have enough homework to fill the whole time. Keeping the schedules prevents procrastination later. Conversely, when the time is up, take a break. This will help with the school life balance.

Get Support From Employer

Be sure to let your employer know that you are working on online school. Some workplaces may be able to adjust your schedule. Some companies offer tuition assistance or reimbursement.

Source: GetEducated

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