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Finding credible and respected online colleges and universities is very possible if you do your homework.  In the end you have to ask yourself, “Why am I wanting a college degree in the first place?”  Is it to get a better job?  Get a raise at my current job?  Or perhaps it’s just the fulfillment of accomplishment.


If you have earned or are working towards and online degree, there is a big chance that you have thought to yourself, “When I go to apply for a job…should I tell them I got me degree from an online college or university?”  The short answer is YES they will think it’s credible as long as you have done your homework and graduated with a reputable online college.

So how do you know which online colleges and universities are reputable and credible?  Here is the number one question to ask when looking for an online education program:


Is This College or University Accredited?


This is the most important question to find out.  In the end, employers usually only care if your degree came from an accredited college or university.  These days there are so many online degrees it is now normal.

Look for accrediting agency on a school’s website. If you can’t find it on the site, call the school and ask if they are accredited and for the name of the accrediting body. Research the name to verify—some less desirable colleges trying to scam students will simply invent a name that sounds believable.


Here are some other warning signs to watch out for:

  • It’s almost impossible to contact the admissions office.
  • The address listed is a P.O. Box, or a representative on the phone can’t provide a legitimate street address for you.
  • You’re receiving a huge amount of pressure from the school to enroll. Think 30+ phone calls in a month.
  • You’re asked to pay the whole cost of tuition right up front.
  • The school’s name sounds like a well-known university, but it’s just slightly different.
  • The school’s accredited…by tons of agencies.
  • You’re told that you’ll graduate in an unrealistically short amount of time.
  • There’s no way to contact the school’s library, alumni, technology department or faculty.
  • There’s no information about program requirements.
  • It’s an international school based in a small country almost exclusively recruiting in the United States.
  • Attendance is not required.

Online college degrees are a great way to reach that goal you have dreamed about.  It allows a person with a full-time job to start or complete their education in their spare time.  They help the busy stay-at-home Mom or Dad earn a degree while balancing family life  and so much more.

Just use some common sense when doing your research and remember what Mamma always says, “If it sounds too good to be true, than it is too good to be true.”


Online Colleges

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